• 🇫🇷 Game’Her – International Women’s Day 2023

    March 8th, 2023


    En ce #8mars 2023, journée internationale des droits des femmes, Game’Her souhaite mettre à l’honneur des femmes travaillant dans le milieu du jeu vidéo.

    Professionnelles ou amatrices de jeux vidéo, poursuivez vos rêves et vos ambitions !

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  • PLAION – Internal Newsletter – Women’s History Month 2023
    Screenshot of a newsletter email showing a picture of Marion, the Project AWR key art and a description of the non-profit org Project AWR.

    March 7th, 2023


    Women have been fighting this fight for generations, and the sad truth is that it cannot be done without the help of men. We need men to be allies. This article covers how to be an ally in gaming, but it’s true for life in general.

    But, with or without the help of men, women will continue to fight and carve out spaces to uplift and support one another. With the help of two colleagues, we are now going to show two of these spaces!

    First we have Project Asian Representation, created and co-funded by Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres, Global Community and Social Media Manager at Prime Matter / PLAION.

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🎙 Podcasts/Panels

  • She Plays Games Podcast Special

    May 16th, 2023

    Creating positive spaces for Asian women in the games industry

    Join us for a special panel discussion with Project AWR, a diversity group dedicated to supporting and empowering Asian Women in the games industry.

    Our panelists include:

    Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres, founder of Project AWR and Global Community & Social Media Manager at Prime Matter/Plaion
    Karen Lee, co-founder of Project AWR and Senior Manager of the Global Core Community team on Apex Legends at Respawn
    Elisa Choi, mentor for Project AWR’s Mentorship Program and Associate Producer at Epic Games

    In this episode, we’ll discuss:
    • The importance of Project AWR existing
    • Project AWR’s new Mentorship Program
    • What a safe space for Asian women looks like on Discord

    Listen to it below, or on iTunes, or Download it!

  • ACSisterhood Alliance

    June 13th, 2022

    We sat down with Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres, creator and co-founder of Project AWR which focuses on Asian women’s representation in gaming.

    The “ACSisterhood Alliance” episodes are an offshoot of our regular podcast where we interview people who may not always be directly connected to Assassin’s Creed or Ubisoft but whose goals align with ACSisterhood’s values of representation and equity in gaming.

    Listen to the episode on YouTube!

📰 Interviews

  • Tips for up and coming Community Managers

    July 26th, 2022

    Community Management plays a vital role in the success of gaming and esports companies. However, it can confuse newcomers as a field that shares many characteristics with other professions, such as press relations and social media. You might wonder how to enter the Community Management landscape. I spoke to the fantastic Community Managers Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres and Victoria Tran to collect a few tips for new and aspiring Community Managers!

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  • Biggest responsibilities of Community Managers

    June 18th, 2022

    Community Management plays a vital part in helping companies achieve their business goals while weaving a tightly connected network of loyal fans. On top of that, it brings value to community members by providing them with spaces and occasions to interact with each other and their favorite brands. If you’re now interested in learning more about this role’s specific responsibilities, I’ve got you covered! I had the opportunity to speak with the incredible CMs Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres and Victoria Tran about their field.

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💻 Copywriting

  • 📝 Personal – The Asian Women Representation in For Honor

    April 2nd, 2021

    The representation of Asian people and the representation of women are both vast and complex topics to explore.

    Working on the game For Honor when I wrote this article, a year and a half ago, I found in the Samurai and Wu Lin factions a representation of Asian women that I liked. I reached out to other Asian women that I knew were also working on the game at that time: Elise Trinh (Writer), Klarissa Armada (Product Manager) and Elisa Choi (Community Developer). We all have different descents or origins and have been raised in different countries, so comparing their opinions to mine was interesting. The article dives into how Asian women characters have been represented in video games, specifically on For Honor.

    Read the full article: The Asian women representation in For Honor

  • 🔥 Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm
    Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm Key Art.

    March 25th, 2021

    An epic story

    The story takes direct inspiration from a well-known Chinese myth called “Nuwa Mends the Heavens,” telling the story of how the goddess Nuwa looks for a way to fix the fractured sky following a disastrous war. The player assumes the role of a new hero named Ku, the last remaining human, as he embarks on a quest to help Nuwa restore life to Heaven and Earth by patching up the broken sky.

    In Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm, we focused on the journey of self-discovery as well as themes of duty and sacrifice, regarding how Ku and the gods view themselves before and after the sky fractured.

    Read the full article: Myths of the Eastern Realm

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