The*GameHERs – #TGHAwards22

September 3rd, 2022

You have been nominated for the Spontivly, Indie Community Manager of the Year award, in the INDUSTRY FAVORITES category.

ThegameHERs is a women-led community. Each year, we host thegameHERs Awards, which is dedicated to recognizing and honoring exceptional women and/or femme identifying persons across the spectra of gender identity and expression in all aspects of gaming. Our awards honors the people who make games as well as those who take part in all the creative and technical outlets that surround gaming.

More about ThegameHERs here!

An asset from The*GameHERs, with a text that reads "presented by Streamlabs - I am a finalist! - Spontivly Community Manager of the year 2022

Edit: October 11th, 2022

I made it to the #TGHAwards2022 finalists in the “Spontivly Indie Community Manager of the Year” category. Although I am honored, given the recent discussions surrounding TGH, I have decided not to go further with the nomination. Thanks to those who nominated/voted for me!


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