PLAION – Internal Newsletter – Women’s History Month 2023

Screenshot of a newsletter email showing a picture of Marion, the Project AWR key art and a description of the non-profit org Project AWR.

March 7th, 2023


Women have been fighting this fight for generations, and the sad truth is that it cannot be done without the help of men. We need men to be allies. This article covers how to be an ally in gaming, but it’s true for life in general.

But, with or without the help of men, women will continue to fight and carve out spaces to uplift and support one another. With the help of two colleagues, we are now going to show two of these spaces!

First we have Project Asian Representation, created and co-funded by Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres, Global Community and Social Media Manager at Prime Matter / PLAION.

Read the full extract here!


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